About Flashback TV

FLASHBACK TV (Formerly FLASH TV Network) is the new streaming TV Network offering original programming and original movies, retro TV shows, and classic films.

Flashback TV was created and developed by film lovers, like you, so all the films we air are presented in their original theatrical condition, with no commercial interruptions or editing*

The idea is to present films, which haven’t been viewed for a while, to new audiences and those who appreciate classic and even some schlocky movies without interruption.

Also please note, there are no subscription fees or sign up charges to enjoy FLASHBACK TV, just click over to our website or use the app and begin watching our unique programming.

In the next few months, FLASHBACK TV will begin to offer video on demand, so you can binge watch from our library of classic westerns, sci-fi, horror, musical and action films. Plus we’re adding to our library all the time, so keep watching for your favorite films and retro TV programs.

If you like what you see on Flashback TV, please tell your friends, Like us on Facebook and share us with your social media.

Finally make sure to register with us to win great prizes, movie swag and other cool stuff. We never share your registration information, and once you register your registered in all of our contests with no need to re-register!

So please enjoy Flashback TV, and remember to download the app for your phone so you can enjoy these classic films and TV shows anytime and anywhere.

*Some exceptions apply.