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Roku Subscribers!!!


A Note to Roku Subscribers

We are updating our network to a new system and are in the 'crossover' stage.

We have a test channel up and here's how to get to it:

On your computer copy and paste this address into your browser or click this link:


(You may need to log into your Roku account on your computer)

When the disclaimer pops up just click the blue OK button and then the 'Yes, Add Channel' button.

Then on your TV update your system and you should see the logo in your available channels. 

It's a little confusing but the new channel will be "THE FLASHBACK TV NETWORK."  The old one was FLASHBACK TV NETWORK (The new one has the word "THE" in front of it)

Anyway sorry for the long note - we are, as we indicated, upgrading our systems, software and streams.

Thank you for being our valued viewers

Flashback TV is Now Available on Roku Devices

If you have a Roku device add Flashback TV by visiting the Roku Channel Store and adding Flashback TV to your channel list.
Go to your computer and log into your Roku software and select "See What's On" and search for "THE FLASHBACK TV NETWORK".

You can also enter the code  "5HDRGTM" when prompted. 

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Download Our App for iPhone & Android

Flashback TV App for IOS (iPhone)


For  IOS & iPhone

Go to the APP STORE ON YOUR iPhone and download PWA Browser and install it.
Once it's installed: Type in FLASHBACK TV in the PWA Browser's search bar.
Then install the FLASHBACK TV APP

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FLASHBACK TV is the new streaming TV Network offering original programming and original movies, retro TV shows, and classic movies.

Flashback TV was created and developed by film lovers, like you, so all the films we air are presented in their original theatrical condition, with no commercial interruptions or editing.

And there is no charge for Flashback TV so you can watch movies online free!

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Every month we're adding more and more films to our classic film archive. 

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Flashback TV Offers Classic & Retro Films and Original Programs 24/7

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